The Quality Management Center in Can Tho University is responsible for management of higher education quality within Can Tho University. The Quality Management Center fulfills the following functions and tasks: 

Functions and Tasks:

  1. Functions 

       The Quality Management Center belongs to Can Tho University and is a taskforce unit in higher education quality management. It consuls and assists the Rector in quality management for higher education, synthesizes and proposes inputs to and organizes the implementation of quality assurance activities in education and research; conducts activities related to collaboration, consultancy and support in education quality assurance as permitted by the Rector.        

  1. Tasks:

- Compile the documents in higher education quality management and submit them to the Rector for approval;

- Direct and monitor the implementation of quality management regulations among the units and individuals in Can Tho University;

- Make statistics and reports on quality management work when required by leaders of Can Tho University; 

- Carry out the self-assessment work at the study program and the university level; recommend the areas for improvement and measures to enhance the quality of higher education in Can Tho University;

- Propose the measures to establish and strengthen the internal quality assurance system in Can Tho University;

- Design the tools and collaborates with relevant units and staff to conduct stakeholders survey activities to serve the requirement of higher education quality assurance and study program development in Can Tho University;

- Monitor, motivate and report on the implementation of  higher education quality assurance work;

- Conduct research to improve the quality of and the efficiency in higher education quality management;

- Assist the administrative work and affairs of the Quality Assurance Council of Can Tho University;

- Carry out and complete other tasks in higher education quality management as assigned by the Rector.

Quality Management Center

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